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Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers.  We hope they will help you too!


Do we ship?

No, we do not ship our products. Once an order is placed, you are required to pickup from us!


Are the prices per fillet or per pound? 

Our prices are based on pounds of fillets, not number of fillets.  For example, if you put 1 in the quantity box for Hogfish, you will receive 1 pound of Hogfish fillets.  Please note that fillets are weighed with the skin on.  We will remove it for you, but this is standard procedure for weighing fillets.  

How many people can one pound of fillets feed?

One pound of fillets will feed approximately 2 people.  

How are your prices derived? 

Our prices are competitive with local fish markets.  Remember, you are paying for a much higher quality product than grocery stores offer because it is fresh, never frozen, and is not imported.  

How can I freeze my fish?

Fill a Ziploc with water so it covers the fish.  This will prevent freezer burn and your fish will still taste great up to a year later.  

How can I grill my fish without it sticking to the grill?

Place aluminum foil down on grill and spray it with non-stick cooking spray.